Click here to download a checklist or call 902-678-4427 for more details specific to your return. Click here for the Client Information Sheet.

The information we require will depend on your individual situation. Here is a list of some of the common items:

  • Last year’s tax return and/or your Notice of Assessment if you are a new client with us
  • Your related tax information T-slips for the year (for example your T4, T3, T5, T4A, T4E, T5007, T4AP, T4A-OAS, T2202A)
  • Any additional tax receipts (for example medical expense summaries, donations, childcare expenses, employment expenses, union/professional dues, contributions to your RRSP, etc.)

Not sure? You can give us a call to discuss your specific situation in more detail and we’ll help you determine what information is required.